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Dublin Airport T2

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Sill have added another airport to their long list of successful transport projects.  The impressive new, €395 million Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport, can meet the needs of both long-haul and short-haul passengers and can comfortably handle up to 15 million passengers per year.

Sill worked closely with Lighting designers Arup Lighting from the very start, creating a special gimbal frame for up to three Sill 021 projectors. With typical Sill flexibility, the 021’s were supplied in a variety of HID wattages and beam angles to suit the geometry of their locations, as well as with compact fluorescent lamps for emergency operation.

The Sill gimbal projectors were supplied on time, in batches to suit the build programme, ready assembled for fast, accurate installation and plug-and-play operation. Integrated into the space between the structural roof steels and the stretched fabric soffit, the high performance, low glare projectors illuminate all the high roofed areas in Arrivals, Departures and Pier E.

Sill’s classic 458 series asymmetrics projectors uplight the main structural elements and soffits around the roof spine skylights, whilst 490 PowerProjectors provide additional lighting to soffits and walls. In all some 1,800 Sill projectors are used on the project – the largest construction project in Ireland at the time.

Dublin Airport Terminal 2 showcases Arup’s achievement of their design intention to provide a sustainable lighting scheme capitalising on the use of daylight from the facades and roof spine skylights. Lighting is used to guide passengers through the airport whilst addressing the main architectural features. The luminaires are integrated into the building fabric to minimise visual clutter. Sill, specified by the design team very early in the five year design process of the project, are delighted to have helped bring it to fruition.

Vasiliki Malakasi, lighting designer at Arup commented, “We are very pleased with the projectors and their photometric performance. The Sill luminaires were fit for purpose, robust yet elegant in design and were competitively priced. Most importantly, we managed to work well with the Sill product design team developing special fittings and parts. We had technical back up and support throughout the project from initial design to onsite installation.”